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DesignGum - Website Building/Design and SEO
DesignGum - Website Building/Design and SEO

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It's about more than just showing up in search engine results; and it's about showing up in search engine results for the terms and questions that indicate intent. We will get you where the action is.

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Our clients see an average organic traffic increase 108%

Once our plans are fully executed and implemented, it's hard to fail. In working with clients where we stick to the plan, those clients have experienced an average of 108% improvement in organic traffic.
Website Design/Building & SEO

Web Design & SEO

Do it right from step one.

SEO for New Websites

SEO for New Websites
Search Engine Optimization can be complicated, but it's much easier when it is in mind while your website is being created. When we build your website, we build it with this in mind. We will work with you to understand your business goals and your priorities. We will conduct keyword research and engage in competitive analyses to discover the highest volume opportunities for you based on your goals. We will use those learnings as our North Star and build your website to get you exactly the kind of organic acquisition required to achieve your specific business goals.

SEO for the Website You Already Have

SEO For Your Website
Many clients already have websites, and these clients are often more concerned with cleaning up their SEO house (so to speak) and not so much with creating a new site. We can help here, too. We will run SEO audits on your site using multiple best-in-class industry-standard tools. From there, we can either provide you with the documentation needed to take those audit reports back to your team to address or roll up our sleeves and do it for you.

SEO & Content Marketing

DesignGum - SEO & Content Marketing
Shake & Bake. Peanut Butter & Jelly. Whatever other awesome combination you can think of, content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand, and we know it well. We will work with you to create a content marketing strategy and plan to execute that strategy tactfully for new websites and websites you may already have, from organic traffic to acquisition and conversion. No matter your current site, goals, or approach, we've got a way to help you win with content marketing.
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Baby, we were born this way. All we know is how to win, and we understand that when you win, we win.
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DesignGum Reviews

Our firm has been working with the DesignGum team for years at this point. Running a fast paced venture fund company; their partnership takes care of a wide range of our design needs, and it has been fantastic to have a long-term trusted partner. They are responsive, open to feedback and have a great range of skills and capabilities. They are really good at what they do!

Valerie Komissarova
Operations ManageR Storm Ventures

DesignGum Reviews

I've been impressed by Christian and the DesignGum team.  He's a talented creative director who always gives me content that is better than expected.  But beyond the design skills, he also has a real project focus.  It's always important for DesignGum to understand the scope of any project - allowing them to hit deadlines on time and budgets on target.

Steve Gleave

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