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The act of "seeing" your brand is a significant part of your entire brand experience. Not caring about your brand or visual design creates missed opportunities and devalues your business to your customers. We will make sure that your customers not only want to engage with you but feel confident in doing so.

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Depending on the current state of your business, a new brand can instantly shake up your business. A well-designed brand can speed up the churning of higher quality deliverables, inspire your team with a newfound passion and help create better trust with your market to engage with you.
DesignGum - Branding and Design Services

Branding & Design

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Brand Strategy

DesignGum - Brand Strategy
Whether you have an existing brand or are starting fresh, understanding and clarifying your brand foundations is a must-do if you desire to scale your business. We can help bring strategic personality and feeling to your brand by uncovering the value and vision your business has to offer. In this process, we help clarify your business' purpose, vision, values, target audience, taglines, lexicons, and terminology with a series of workshop-type meetings with your leadership team. Some clients decide to do this in-house using our framework that we offer for free here, and others need our assistance leading the process. Either way, your company chooses, we can help formulate the right brand strategy for your business.

Logo and Visual Identity

DesignGum - Logo and Visual Identity
Once your high-level branding is established, either with us or internally, we can create an iconic logo and visual identity that authentically represents your brand. We don't stop at just the logo; we will provide a design system that complements it, including official colors, design textures, fonts, and type treatments. All of our logo and visual identity projects come with a brand style guide as the end deliverable so that you not only have a logo to use but a document outlining how to use it.

Brand Guidelines

DesignGum - Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines are a step up from a style guide and are a resource that contains a complete outline of your brand. In addition to your brand visual style rules, it will also communicate your vision, values, mission, history, and anything else crucial to maintaining an authentic brand experience across all aspects of your company. We custom design every brand guideline according to your visual brand standards, so it will no-doubtingly impress whoever engages with it. There are several ways to publish your brand guidelines, but typically they can be a PDF document, presentation document, or hosted online in website style format.

Brand Package

DesignGum - Brand Packages
This is where you let DesignGum handle the whole shebang. We start with building or using your brand foundations, then create your logo and visual identity. After that, we take inventory of your current brand assets and strategize all the new assets you need with the new visual branding style. Typical packages include a logo and visual identity, corporate presentation design, business card design, website design and copywriting, and all profile social media assets.

Project-Based Design

DesignGum - Project-Based Design
For more established brands, we can assist with a variety of design needs. Put an end to embarrassing marketing materials with custom-created digital and printed assets backed by the strategic vision for your brand. We can handle many design requests, including presentation design, marketing assets, website design, event branding and design, printed and digital design.
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DesignGum Reviews

Our firm has been working with the DesignGum team for years at this point. Running a fast paced venture fund company; their partnership takes care of a wide range of our design needs, and it has been fantastic to have a long-term trusted partner. They are responsive, open to feedback and have a great range of skills and capabilities. They are really good at what they do!

Valerie Komissarova
Operations ManageR Storm Ventures

DesignGum Reviews

I've been impressed by Christian and the DesignGum team.  He's a talented creative director who always gives me content that is better than expected.  But beyond the design skills, he also has a real project focus.  It's always important for DesignGum to understand the scope of any project - allowing them to hit deadlines on time and budgets on target.

Steve Gleave

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